A Complete System for studying smart that will reduce stress, make you an independent learner and dramatically improve your academic performance.​

I did, and it get me into Stanford Medical School!

Although I am now one of the top learning experts in the world, it was definitely not always this way. In high school, I was disinterested, unmotivated, inefficient and I floundered to the finish line with a 3.3 GPA (I know, it doesn’t compare to your 4.8 GPA).

My freshman year of college wasn’t much better. By the end of the year, my counselor told me I needed to change my major and that I would never get into ANY medical school, EVER… because I wasn’t an exceptional student. Sounds harsh, but she was kind. Not only was I not exceptional, I was flat-out a TERRIBLE student. I read slower than everyone, I would spend hours and hours learning material that others seemed to pick-up almost instantly.

Truthfully, I thought I was dumb and I was just hoping not to flunk out and embarrass my parents. But, the meeting served as a wake-up call.

I started studying the art of studying and learning EVERYDAY.

Before long, I had developed a system that not only enabled me to get previously unattainable A’s,

but it allowed me to do it in only 10 hours a week!

Would you like to get A's only studying 10 hours per week?

Ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Do you find yourself doing well in some classes and struggling mightily in others?

  • Do you procrastinate and avoid studying whenever possible? When you finally actually study do you suffer from S.O.D. (Sudden Onset Drowsiness).

  • Do you struggle with time management and feel like you never have enough time to get through all the material?

  • Do you study your heart out only to get to the exam and see a bunch of stuff you overlooked?

  • Do you find that no matter how hard you study, when test time arrives you become insanely nervous and everything you learned escapes you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you NEED this course because you will learn:

  • How to become a versatile learnerable to thrive in any class, on any topic, and with any teacher.

  • How to approach and structure your studying so that you look forward to study sessions and have boundless study energy.

  • How to break up the semester strategically so that you can utilize your time wisely, enabling you to have more free time and avoid stressful cram sessions.

  • How to break any class into its core components so that you can organize your studying and readily identify what is likely to appear on your exams.

  • How to overcome test-anxiety and let your true inner master test-taker shine through.

These 5 pillars make-up a comprehensive study system that will help you be more independent and more successful. Each pillar builds on the one prior:

Pillar 1:

Teaches you to remove all the things that are stopping you from actually studying, and studying at 100% focus. In working with students, I have found that before learning to study better, students need to learn to actually be studying, instead of just thinking they are studying.

Pillar 2:

Now that you have removed the waste from your studying time and it is actually studying, this pillar teaches you how to allocate your study hours so that you can avoid procrastination and be maximally productive.

Pillar 3:

Everything is in order for you to start studying. But, what should you study? This section will teach you the importance of focusing in on the key concepts and testable points of courses. With this understanding, you don’t waste time on low-yield material and you ensure that you won’t be blind-sided by material on the test. In this section, you will also learn how to turn that focused studying into active and impactful notes.

Pillar 4:

Now that you know what to study, we turn our focus to distributing all the material out over the term so that we can stay ahead, maximize active repetition and breeze into finals completely confident that we understand everything at a superior level to other students.

Pillar 5:

You’ve worked hard all quarter. Pillar 5 teaches you how to overcome test anxiety, capitalize on your hard work and dominate tests. Culminating with reflecting on how well you executed your study strategies and overall study plan for that term and begin to make adjustments for the next term to be even better.

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I have only had this course for about a month now, and I have already seen such a drastic improvement in my study habits. This course helps you to constantly refine your study habits and become a better studier. I know that with time, I will be able to study only 10 hours a week, like Dr. Pinesett did during his undergraduate years, and still earn better grades than everyone else.

Kofi A.

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Remove Learning Barriers

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To start, I would like to just thank you to Dr. Pinesett for this amazing course. I just finished watching the series and evaluating myself so I can start changing all the things I have been doing that hinders my chances of being 100 percent successful. This will not all happen overnight but implementing this course and utilizing the "human tool box" will allow me overtime to be the best student that I can be and ultimately dominate the rest of my undergrad, mcat, and lead me to slam the front door open to get into the medical school of my choosing. Dr. Pinesett is just an amazing guy who truely cares for all his students.  I cannot say enough good things....if your thinking of getting in this class do it!!!  It will change your life too!!

Jonathan Parker

5 Pillars of Studying Less &

Getting Better Grades


There are a bunch of factors that go into medical school admissions decisions, but the two most important factors are your GPA and your MCAT score. To achieve a high GPA and a top MCAT score, you need to know how to study. You may think you know how to study, but the sad truth is that 99% of students utilize ineffective, outdated strategies and have terrible study habits. This course is a complete system for studying smart that will reduce your stress, make you an independent learner and dramatically improve your academic performance. No more tutors, no more cramming sessions, and no more test anxiety!

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Andre Pinesett, MD, MPH

The Pre-med Productivity Expert

I am a Stanford Medical School graduate and have been helping students maximize their potential and be more productive for almost 15 years. In that time, I have learned about the major obstacles to student success and I have developed easy to follow and effective systems that enable students to not only survive school, but to dominate. My courses are research and experience-based and are constantly being updated to stay current.

I have a unique teaching style to say the least [laughter]. I want you to not only learn, but to be inspired and have so much fun learning that you treat the modules like Netflix episodes. You know what I’m talking about, you find that amazing show and you watch until you can’t keep your eyes open. That’s my objective. Enjoy!




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