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Although I am now one of the top learning experts in the world, it was definitely not always this way. In high school, I was disinterested, unmotivated, inefficient and I floundered to the finish line with a 3.3 GPA (I know, it doesn’t compare to your 4.8 GPA). My freshman year of college wasn’t much better. By the end of the year, my counselor told me I needed to change my major and that I would never get into ANY medical school, EVER… because I wasn’t an exceptional student. Sounds harsh, but she was kind.


Not only was I not exceptional, I was flat-out a TERRIBLE student. I read slower than everyone, I would spend hours and hours learning material that others seemed to pick-up almost instantly. Truthfully, I thought I was dumb and I was just hoping not to flunk out and embarrass my parents. But, the meeting served as a wake-up call. 


I started studying the art of studying and learning EVERYDAY. Before long, I had developed a system that not only enabled me to get previously unattainable A’s, but it allowed me to do it in only 10 hours a week.

This course was very informative and made me realize that truly studying means so much more than what I had thought I realized that never truly learned to study. This course was the eye opener I needed, jam packed with great information. Will start applying what I learned immediately.

Dahirou Hann

Pillar 1:

Double Your Study Efficiency

I have been teaching students like yourself how to become better and more independent studiers for over a decade.


Over that time, I have found that before learning to study better, students need to learn to actually be studying when they are supposed to, instead of just thinking they are studying.


Ten times out of ten, students are their own worst enemy when it comes to studying efficiently. They sabotage their studying with barriers that reduce the effectiveness of their studying, or worse, prevent them from studying entirely. 

This course is all about destroying those barriers. It teaches you to remove all the things that are stopping you from actually studying, and studying at 100% focus. 

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"The first pillar to double study efficiency amazed me, in how pack the information is, in which provide one's understanding how to remove all those barrier that prevent us from having good studying routine, i highly recommended this course to anyone that is struggling from study, this course will guide you in the right path to improve those study efficiency, thank you Dr. Pinesett for this wonderful course. "

Jaime Francisco

Before beginning this course, I was unsure if I could improve my study habits and maximize my potential.  From the very first lesson, I realized that people (myself included) tend to take things for granted and fail to live up to actually bettering themselves. It is amazing that most of the steps needed to be a better student does not actually require a textbook. If 1 pillar can greatly improve my learning and studying, it is amazing to think about eventually applying all 5 pillars. I recommend Dr. Pinesett’s courses to anyone who is committed to succeeding. 

Maximilian Bell

"I was very hesitant to purchase this course as I thought it may be one of those courses that gives you generic advice. Surprisingly, that was not the case! I have learned so much from this course and I have started to apply the presented information to my daily life as a premed student; so far, my life has changed for the better in terms of my productivity. If you're looking for a great place to start developing great study habits, this is the course to take! Definitely recommend!"

Cesar Andrade

Course Curriculum


Remove Learning Barriers

How to Double Your Study Efficiency


Andre Pinesett, MD, MPH

The Pre-med Productivity Expert

I am a Stanford Medical School graduate and have been helping students maximize their potential and be more productive for almost 15 years. In that time, I have learned about the major obstacles to student success and I have developed easy to follow and effective systems that enable students to not only survive school, but to dominate. My courses are research and experience-based and are constantly being updated to stay current.

I have a unique teaching style to say the least [laughter]. I want you to not only learn, but to be inspired and have so much fun learning that you treat the modules like Netflix episodes. You know what I’m talking about, you find that amazing show and you watch until you can’t keep your eyes open. That’s my objective. Enjoy!




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